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Trapped by Michael Northrop December 21, 2011

Early dismissal for a snow day is always a good thing, right?  High school sophomore Scotty and his friends wait for a ride as more and more snow falls, thinking a 4-wheel drive truck has to be better at navigating the snow than a school bus.  Eventually they realize that no one is coming for them.  At first, things are okay.  There are seven people left in the school, one of whom is a hot freshman girl.  They spend the night in the school and it’s like a weird sleepover.  But when the power goes out, the heat turns off, and they realize there’s a lot snow and no one knows where they are, they know they’re in trouble.  As the cold, dark days stretch on, they are forced to make a life or death decision.

Although a little far fetched (18 feet of snow), this was a fast-paced, suspenseful story.  The narrator is a teenage boy and the voice is authentic.  I would recommend this to teen boys who want a quick read and like survival stories.


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