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Hate List by Jennifer Brown November 8, 2010

In an instant, Valerie Leftman’s life went from typical to nightmare when her boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on the school. Now in her senior year, she must face teachers, classmates, former friends, and family who see her as a monster. Flashbacks take the main character and the readers to the time before the shooting, when Valerie innocently begins the Hate List of annoyances, bullies, and tough teachers and Nick, not so innocently, uses the list to choose his targets. Valerie’s painful journey through her senior year is full of memories of her relationship with Nick, attempts to regain the trust of those closest to her, and decisions about her future. This novel for older teens and adults is frighteningly realistic in light of similar tragedies that have happened across the country and the warning signs that are so easily overlooked and ignored.


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