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Good Enough by Paula Yoo August 28, 2011

Patti knows how to make her Korean parents happy.  All she has to do is become concertmaster of the All-State violins, score a 2300 on her SATs, get As in all of her AP classes, and get into Harvard, Yale, and Princeton (or, as her parents say, HARVARDYALEPRINCETON).  To do all this, she can’t have any distractions, especially not the Cute Trumpet Guy she meets right before All-State tryouts who also happens to be in her homeroom.  She should ignore the hair that falls into his eyes, their mutual love of music, and that he makes her wonder if she really wants to go to HARVARDYALEPRINCETON after all.

Patti will have to decide if she wants be the P.K.D. (perfect Korean daughter) or to do what she wants and be good enough.

This book was enjoyable but not unique.  Patti is the only child of Korean parents with high expectations; she has always tried to be the perfect daughter, but she realizes the choices she’s making aren’t necessarily what she wants for her life.  And of course, there’s the cute boy that she likes but he doesn’t like her in that way.  I liked the handwritten lists she makes and the occasional Korean recipes included. Recommended for a light read for middle and high school girls.

2011-2012 Golden Sower Award nominee


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