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Leadership Simple by Steve and Jill Morris June 28, 2011

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“Great leaders inspire others to follow through their words and actions.”  According to the authors, great leaders use self-evaluation to improve themselves and others; this process is called Lead Management.  The self-evaluation process involves looking at what you want, what you are doing to get what you want, whether your methods are working, alternative actions, and choosing a behavior or action.  Everything that happens is a result of a choice we have made.  When we operate from an internal locus of control, we are able to take responsibility for our choices and become accountable for our actions.  By practicing Lead Management, it can become a way of life.

This was the first of three books I’m reading in preparation for a leadership institute I will be attending next month.  The ideas of Lead Management seemed simple enough and like something the average person could do.  I found the conversational format to be a little annoying, though it was helpful to see what Lead Management would look like in practice.  An appendix contained a review of the concepts contained in the book.


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