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The Beginner’s Goodbye by Anne Tyler June 22, 2012

The story follows Aaron, a man crippled in childhood by a fever, who spent his younger years smothered by an overprotective sister and mother.  When he was out on his own, he found the perfect woman for him.  Dorothy was a matter-of-fact doctor who did not feel compelled to take care of Aaron, a welcome change in his life.  After Dorothy’s unexpected death, Aaron begins to see her; Dorothy is on the sidewalk outside their house, in the parking lot of his office, even walking with him on the sidewalk.  Will these unexplained appearances give him a chance to finally say goodbye?

I read this book after a positive review in Library Journal.  It was a quick read but not particularly enthralling.  I liked the honest look at relationships; the characters’ faults were displayed and their good qualities were not glamorized.  It was well-written, just not my favorite.

3 out of 5 stars


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