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Fragile by Lisa Unger November 13, 2011

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare- a teenage girl has a fight with her mother and doesn’t come home.  After a frantic questioning of friends and the boyfriend, they realize she is missing.  While most people assume she’s run away, psychiatrist Maggie Cooper knows better.  She thinks back to when she was in high school and another young girl disappeared.  She worries further when one of her patients, a disturbed young man with an abusive father, writes on Facebook, “How do you know if you’re a bad person?”

The people of the small town The Hollows band together in a race against time to find Charlene before it’s too late.  But everyone is looking in the wrong direction.  And people who know the truth about the death of a young girl so many years ago aren’t helping.

I don’t usually read contemporary fiction, but this mystery has held my interest and made me think about how many times one small mistake can take change people’s lives forever.


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