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Fakie by Tony Varrato May 13, 2011

Alex and his mother left town in the middle of the night as they had so many times before.  This time they were headed south.  In the car, they talked about their new identities.  Alex decided he would be a skateboarder this time.

Things weren’t always like this.  Before Alex saw a brutal murder, before a man he put in jail wanted him dead, before he and his mother had to keep running to stay alive, life was normal.

Although many of the ideas in the book were far-fetched, Fakie had a fast-paced, suspenseful, and interesting plot.  Combined with its short length (142 pages), I would recommend it to boys, especially reluctant readers.

Golden Sower Honor Book


Invisible by Pete Hautman November 9, 2010

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“Andy and I had some bad luck with fires when we were kids.  We’re more careful now.”

Doug is a little strange- some people call him a freak; his mom calls him disturbed.  Andy is popular, athletic, and the object of female affection.  Doug and Andy are best friends.  They’ve had a lot of good times together.  Except at the old Tuttle house.  But Doug doesn’t really want to get into that right now.

There are more important things for Doug to think about.  Like Melissa Haverman or the model railroad set he’s been working on for almost three years.  Yes, there are many more important things to think about than the past.


Godless by Pete Hautman

When Jason Bock is punched in the face below the town’s water tower, he has an epiphany.  Rather than being forced into his parents’ boring old religion, he’ll create his own.  Jason, aka His Kahunaness, recruits his best friend Shin, the cute girl from his church group Magda, and the town bully Henry to become “Chutengodians”.  They worship their new god, the town water tower.  Things are all fun until their first worship high atop the dome of the water tower where things become dangerous and almost deadly.  Jason then has to deal with the burden of controlling his new religion before it destroys its followers.


The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Susie Salmon is in heaven.  She is watching life on Earth continuing on without her after she was raped and murdered at age 14.  Everything in Susie’s heaven is things she dreamed about and desired while she was alive, but the only thing Susie really wants is to live.  So she does the next best thing, she watches everyone she cares about on Earth and sees them grieving, changing, growing, and healing.  Susie watches and waits.  Will her father recover from his deep, encompassing grief?  Will her little brother grasp the concept of “gone forever”?  Will the police capture her killer?


Acceleration by Graham McNamee

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Duncan’s summer job is anything but exciting.  He’s working in the Lost and Found at the Toronto subway, a place he refers to as “The Dungeon”.  Then one day, while looking for something to do, he discovers a book with a worn leather cover.  The book is a diary documenting details about three women.  What they look like, their daily schedules, their conversations on the subway are all there.  Duncan has discovered the confessions of a stalker, potentially a serial killer.  When the police disregard the diary, Duncan sets out to find the writer before it’s too late.


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