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Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary March 31, 2012

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Ramona Quimby is starting kindergarten.  She loves her teacher, Miss Binney, and she loves school.  She never tries to be a pest.  But things don’t always go the way she plans.  During rest time, Ramona tries to show that she is the best rester in the class by letting out a delicate snore.  Her snore gives the class the giggles and she is not chosen as the Wake Up Fairy.  When Ramona just wants to touch her classmate’s think, springy curls, she has to sit on the bench during recess.  One day Ramona goes too far and she has to decide whether she can be good or become a kindergarten drop-out.

I have fond memories of Ramona from my childhood, so I decided to revisit it.  She is just as smart, funny, and quirky as I remembered.  The Ramona series should be a must-read for all children.


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