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Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer April 19, 2011

Filed under: ages 9-12,humor — Bethany @ 11:12 pm
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Will thinks life is hard with four brothers, but things are about to get a lot harder.  His parents decide he and his older brother need something to do during the summer- a (gulp) educational hobby.  Marty and Will are sent to the public library.  Their parents think the librarian is a nice older lady, but kids know the truth.  She is known as Spud Murphy, named for the gas-powered spud gun she keeps under her desk to shoot soggy potatoes at anyone who makes trouble.  Will the boys survive a summer surrounded by nothing but books under the watchful eye of Spud Murphy?

This was a great book about boys being forced to spend their summer at the library only to discover they like reading and the terrifying librarian is not so bad after all.  This book is funny and imaginative enough to interest the reluctant reader and would be especially appealing to boys.


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