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So B. It by Sarah Weeks December 3, 2010

Soof.  Out of the 23 words Heidi’s mama could say, soof was the most perplexing, the word that inspired Heidi’s journey.  It all started when Bernadette opened her door one February day to find a woman in a raincoat holding a baby.   The mentally handicapped woman’s name, according to her, was So B. It.  Her baby was Heidi.  Soon Bernadette, So B. It, and Heidi were one happy family.  Because Bernadette was agoraphobic, Heidi and Mama were the only ones to go outside of the apartment.  Despite a safe, comfortable life, Heidi cannot stop wondering about soof.  When she finds some old pictures of her mother, she knows she can’t live her life without knowing where she came from.  Once she gets the answers to her questions, she realizes life will never quite be the same again.

So B. It was a sweet and gentle story about a girl’s quest to find out who she is, even if it means leaving the sanctuary of the only family she’s ever known.  While somewhat unrealistic in parts, overall it is an enjoyable read for upper elementary students to adults.


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